Taurus Row-X Plus rowing machine

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  • Cetelem
  • Performance-oriented rowing machine for use at home and in professional gyms
  • Combined air/magnetic resistance system: excellent pulling behaviour at low and high intensities
  • Incl. Bluetooth-compatible console and sturdy tablet holder
  • App-compatible, e.g. EXR, Kinomap, Regatta
  • Comfortable seat height of 51 cm
  • 10 training programmes, including four HIIT programmes, targets, racing game or quick start
  • 6 x 13 cm display showing all rowing data and strength curve
  • Can be split between body and rail for better stowability.
  • Very sturdy steel frame and rail
  • Softly padded and comfortably contoured seat
  • Very stylish design
  • Ultra-resilient chain drive
  • The magnetic brake with 16 resistance levels provides the basic resistance and good pulling behaviour in the lower intensity range; the more intensive the training becomes, the higher the proportion of the air brake in generating resistance.
  • Please note: The picture shows the standard version; both versions look almost identical. The Plus version only has a tablet holder on the console mast.
  • Peso máx. del usuario: 150 kg
  • Dimensiones - Taurus Row-X Plus rowing machine: (La) 250 cm x (An) 63 cm x (Al) 118 cm

The Taurus Row-X Plus rowing machine is a premium fitness machine for beginners and professionals at home or in the gym. Thanks to the combined resistance system, the device offers excellent pulling performance in both the high and low power ranges. The Plus version now finally includes Bluetooth for use with various rowing apps.

designation for maximum performance

The Taurus Row-X Plus rowing machine is designed to withstand even the most intense workouts, maintaining its training appeal for all users. A combined air/magneto-resistor has been chosen for this, which offers extremely high resistance, but also has smooth pulling behaviour in the low intensity range. A steel chain has been used instead of a belt to counteract even the most forceful yanking of the handle. The frame is made of steel and is so well made that we even offer a guarantee on this machine for use in the gym.

Now even better thanks to Bluetooth interface.

We have further improved the already powerful console and added Bluetooth connectivity. The FTMS protocol (Fitness Machine Service Protocol) is used for this. This protocol allows third-party fitness apps to receive and process the training data from the console. Compatible apps include EXR, Kinomap and Regatta. Additional costs may be incurred for full use of the apps. We have integrated an extremely secure tablet holder to secure in place the smart device the app is running on or which you might want to watch a film on.

Excellent training computer with four special HIIT programmes

The rowing machine is equipped with a total of 10 programmes, which can be roughly divided into four groups:
  • select the quick start or manual mode to row as you wish. The programme can be freely configured here or you can simply start rowing. There are no targets in these settings: training values are counted from 0 upwards. You start and stop when you want.
  • Programmes 2 to 4 are available for more goal-oriented users. Here you can enter a target time, a calorie value or a target distance. The programme ends once you've reached the set programme target. These programmes are particularly suitable for losing weight (calories) or keeping a closer eye on your own progress.
  • The Pacer programme is the right choice for competitors. Here you compete against your average time or best time. The race is plotted on the display.
  • The four HIIT programmes (high-intensity interval training) are perfect for improving fitness quickly and losing weight effectively. In these 20 to 30-minute programmes, phases of high intensity alternate with recovery periods. These short and quick training sessions are designed to stimulate fat burning in particular, saving lots of time.
All training values are also clearly shown on the large display. For example, you have an overview of your current time per 500 m or your heart rate if you're using a compatible chest strap.
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