24StundenDiät by Achim Sam DAS BUCH (24hoursdiet - the book)

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  • The print version of the 24StundenDiät (24hoursdiet) by Achim Sam !
  • The clou of the 24StundenDiät (24hoursdiet): Basically, you eat what you want ! Just on 1 to 2 diet days per week or if necessary, you have to pull in your belt: Then there is a revolutionary nutrition and motion program by which you achieve extremely high fat burning and loose body weight of up to 2 kg per unit.
  • The effectivity of the 24STUNDENDIÄT (24HOURSDIET) is scientifically tested and recommended by renowned experts.
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  • Edizione rilegata: 224 pagine; disponibile in tedesco

Nutritionist and fitness author Achim Sam presents a revolutionary sport and nutrition program with his 24STUNDENDIÄT (24HOURSDIET), by which the body does not only loose water and carbohydrates but fat as well and keeping important muscle mass - compared to other quick diets. Just another diet not keeping its promise and ending up with the yo-yo effect ? First scientific researches and renowned nutrition experts confirm the effectivity of the demanding but enormously effective express diet, which demands discipline and ambition with its nutrition rich in protein and intensive interval and stamina sports, but does not give permanent prohibitions. Results of the 24STUNDENDIÄT come up quickly but are very lasting as well.

Achim Sam has grown up as son of a butcher's family with full plates - and that's what he looked like. During his youth, he had had to fight against weight problems. He started race cycling, won many regional championships, and participated for the German national team. While studying ecotrophology in Hamburg, he was trained at the Burda school for journalists at the same time. Today, Achim Sam is head of department of the sport and lifestyle magazine FIT FOR FUN and works as lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. After having gone through many tests - even at first hand -, he developped the 24STUNDENDIÄT (24HOURSDIET) together with the nutrionist Prof. Dr. Hamm.

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